5 Things You Must Include In Your 2021 Marketing Plan

2021 Marketing Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed the everyday lives of people, but also how businesses must operate. In order for a business to not just survive but excel during these unprecedented times, there must be marketing restructuring. As marketing plans and budgets are being evaluated and redesigned, it is important to incorporate the following […]

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Let’s get this out of the way right away. According to Google, Social Media is NOT a direct SEO ranking factor, however, years of research has shown that the two can work together in harmony to create a marketing strategy that brings in leads. In 2020, Instagram released new SEO tools within it’s app that allow […]

How To Create Landing Pages That Convert

How to Make Landing Pages

Let’s start the guide by being absolutely clear:  your homepage is NOT a landing page. For that matter, neither is your product page, your pricing page, your contact page, nor even your about page. When we talk about landing pages from a marketing perspective we are referring only to specific landing pages that have been […]

Web Development

Top Rated Website Design & Development Team In Michigan. Creating Highly Effective WordPress Websites That Work! Let ThrivePOP design & develop the WordPress website of your dreams! Our website design helps you rise above the competition. Beautiful imagery, intuitive navigation, and SEO will all be incorporated into your new website. For over 20 years, we […]


Get Real Results with a Top-Rated Digital Marketing Agency Acquire Leads And Improve Your Rankings Innovative digital marketing is essential for any business, but there aren’t any “one-size-fits-all” marketing solutions. You can’t do the exact thing as another Muskegon marketing company and expect to get similar results. No, you need a customized digital marketing strategy […]


ThrivePOP is Your #1 Digital Marketing Agency Inspire, Create, Grow Elevate your brand with ThrivePOP! We are a digital marketing agency that help take the frustration out of digital marketing. ThrivePOP works to provide real, measurable results through a long-term marketing strategy. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that inspires growth and creativity to […]

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Say Howdy! We’d love to hear from you! Fill out the form to the right to schedule a meeting with a dedicated Marketing Strategist. Need support? Call 1.844.822.5016 or fill out the form to email us. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is included in my monthly package? Each package is unique to you. We customize each […]


Free Resources to Jumpstart Your Business Getting quality traffic to your site is the most difficult and MOST IMPORTANT part of this equation. There’s not as much “natural search” out there as you may think, which means you can invest a lot of time and money getting to (and staying) #1, while still being disappointed […]

Our Work

OUR WORK Happy Customers = Happy Life Working with you to make your marketing goals Our work speaks for itself. It is visually appealing, as well as functional. Our goal is to help you achieve your marketing goals and keep you accountable, whether that means creating a new website, enhancing a current one, or fixing […]

What We Do

What We Do Inspire., Create., Grow. Creating Highly Effective Marketing Plans and Websites That Work! Are you tired of marketing plans that look great on paper, but are hard to implement on your own? ThrivePOP is a HubSpot Certified Inbound Marketing and Design company that helps businesses create, implement, and track marketing results. Marketing, Web, […]