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Navigating the cannabis marketing landscape can be a tricky task. Some marketing tactics are considered fair game, while others could potentially get your business shut down completely. Here ThrivePOP discusses some things we know for certain you can and cannot do when getting the word out about your cannabis business.  

Do: Network, Network, Network! ✅

Regardless of what industry you are working in, networking is key to building successful business relationships. Join any cannabis support organizations to meet members in your industry to learn from each-other about the latest and greatest marketing techniques. Networking with local organizations that aren’t cannabis related also isn’t a bad idea: getting involved with your community can be both personally and economically rewarding in the long run. 

Don’t: Pick The Wrong Audience 🚫

There are strict marketing laws and regulations on who you are targeting based on marketing efforts and product packaging, so be careful. You don’t want any of your products to be misconstrued as selling to children or peoples under the legal age of 21. While some cutesy branding could seem like a fun idea at the time, keeping your branding and marketing efforts cut and dry that they are for adults is extremely important. 

Do: Join Facebook Groups ✅

We already discussed the importance of networking in your industry, and that includes digitally as well. By joining Facebook groups in your industry you are able to trouble shoot any marketing problems with other cannabis businesses quickly as well as learn with others on any mistakes navigating this grey area industry.

Don’t: Advertise On Facebook 🚫

Advertising on Facebook seems like the most enticing type of advertising, but not so fast. Since cannabis is illegal federally, any form of advertising for cannabis or related products is strictly forbidden. Thinking of pushing the envelope and seeing what you can get away with? Don’t! After very few violations Facebook can strike down your ad account or even worse: shut down your account entirely. 

Do: Invest In A Website ✅

Having a clean and concise website with great search engine optimization is key to digital success for your cannabis business. Because paid advertising is essentially forbidden on Google, ranking high organically with a website that has quality keywords is important. When building your cannabis website, take a look and see what trending searches on Google are and incorporate them onto your site. 

Don’t: Push Advertising Boundaries 🚫

The integrity of your cannabis business online is not worth the clicks or customers you may receive from a paid digital advertising campaign. When it doubt, be cautious. Someday we may see the marketing landscape change so be patient and don’t push any boundaries that could risk your licensing getting taken away. 

Looking at elevate your cannabis grow operations? Let ThrivePOP market you creatively (and legally!) Contact us below for a free consultation:

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