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The business world has evolved rapidly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since early March, when the pandemic spread across the globe, the business landscape has gone into hyperdrive and suddenly everyone was forced to face their own economic venerability. 

While some areas of marketing saw heavy drops in leads and traffic, other areas have steadily increasing during the pandemic. Many metrics have been analyzed and assessed in the wake of the pandemic and the findings pertaining to e-mail marketing are wide reaching and intriguing. Here ThrivePOP discusses five facets of e-mail marketing during the pandemic that have definitely exceeded pre-COVID numbers. 

March Was Close to Normal

Marketing During COVID-19

The month of march ushered in the pandemic, but March wasn’t radically affected in terms of e-mail marketing. From year to year, march averages stayed nearly identical, and send volume declined by only .06%. This data could be attributed to the rise in e-mail in general, however, and March send volumes are already substantially lower than those during the holiday season.

All in all, the pandemic seems to have affected March significantly. This is rather shocking, as panic was at its highest in this month, and people are becoming “fatigued” by e-mails in general. Innovative digital marketing agencies like ThrivePOP are pushing back on this fatigue with new and creative strategies.

People Are Opening Email More Than Ever

Email open rate

Rates of e-mail opening have actually increased during the virus. There was an increase of nineteen percent in e-mail sends from February 2020 to March 2020 but the rate of opens actually kept up with this supply.

The month of March saw a rise of nearly three points over February in terms of mail opens, and both March and April opens were steady from 2019 to 2020, with an increase of nearly four points – this translates to an increase of more than twenty percent. The sixteen percent increase in opens from February to March signals audience interest in what businesses are communicating. Graphic design strategies are also being increasingly employed, leading to improved open rates among consumers.

The Best Days Are Non-Peak Days

Email Marketing Schedule

While there’s typically no clear standout day to send e-mails, there are general trends to consider. First, it’s always smart to send in between the lightest and heaviest days of engagement, though these days due tend to shift from month to month.

Brands should conduct thorough research to find out what their audiences want and are adjusted to in terms of receiving and opening e-mails. In March 2020, for example, the highest engagement came on days other than Tuesdays and weekends, which had the highest and lowest volumes, respectively.

Essential Businesses Performed Well

Essential Business

“Essential” businesses such as healthcare, government agencies, financial institutions, and nonprofits were far more likely to send more and lose fewer subscribers than other industries during the pandemic. They’ve also benefited from better open rates, as well as more landmark opens.

Government agencies, for example, saw their unsubscribe rates lower thirty-eight percent year over year for government senders. Experts estimate this is because their subscribers need to keep track of what’s happening in this industry in a consistent and frequent manner, but there a number of ways for nonessential businesses to improve their numbers as well.

Online Retailers Also Benefited

online shopping

During the course of the worst of the pandemic – when the virus spread rapidly and stay-at-home orders were sent – digital marketing channels like e-mail thrived like never before.

E-mail marketing has always been essential for businesses, but the rapidly increasing open rates by retail consumers has led experts to the conclusion that e-mail marketing during the pandemic was a significant driving force of online purchasing habits. Retailers should be investing heavily in e-mail marketing, as both send and open rates are increasing during the pandemic.

Final Thoughts

There has never been a better time to start using e-mail marketing to advertise your products or services and connect with consumers. Send and open rates exploded during the beginning of the pandemic and have shown no signs of decline, meaning there’s still time to hop aboard this lucrative trend.

While some instincts might have you pull away from marketing, now is the perfect time to up your strategy and to experiment with different tactics. Take the above tips and begin to think about how you can incorporate these items into your next email. If you still need help cultivating the perfect email marketing strategy we’ll be there to help!

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