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Facebook hasn’t exactly had the best reputation for a couple of years now, and even CEO Mark Zuckerberg can admit it. “I’m sure we’re going to keep unearthing old issues for a while, Zuckerberg stated, “so it may not seem like we’re making progress at first.” Leaders of Facebook and Instagram took stage at the National Developer Conference yesterday to discuss several changes coming to both the apps in an effort to create a better user experience and completely change the way we experience these apps all together.

Some of these changes include changes to privacy, the way we engage with each other, and also, a new Facebook dating app? Yep, you heard that right. These are the latest changes coming to Facebook and Instagram that you NEED to know about for your marketing strategy. 

Facebook Introduced A Dating App (We Aren’t Joking)

Facebook Dating

That’s right, move aside Tinder and Bumble, the new Facebook dating app is destined to dominate the dating market in 2020. Facebook announced it was introducing an opt-in service that lets you date fellow users through “crushes.” Once you added a user as a crush, they then get notified somebody likes them, but keeps names private. Users will only get the names of their crush if they are also listed as a crush where they will be listed as having a mutual interest in each other. 

What Facebook didn’t discuss was the lack of matches as this dating option only shows your profile to other Facebook members outside of your friend group, thus, making secret crushes really not applicable. This product was introduced in late 2019 with a luke warm response, and quickly fell behind it’s competitors.

Instagram Might Be Getting Rid Of Likes Permanently

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Number of likes being hidden is currently being tested in over 50% of U.S Instagram accounts. While users can personally see the number of likes on an image or video, this number isn’t visible to other followers. Removing likes was used to combat a culture that dictates worth based on number of likes, and hopes the removal will inspire users to post without societal pressure. 

In an official statement, Instagram stated “We are testing this because we want your followers to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get,” emphasizes content posted. This change will likely be implemented on it’s sister company Facebook as well.

New Logo, Focus On Messenger 

Facebook Messenger Marketing

Facebook introduced their new blue logo that mirrors the Messenger app, also owned by Facebook. The feeds were also removed of any of the old blue color with a new “cleaner” style. This comes after Facebook announced it planned to become more integrated with the Messenger app, allowing users to utilize the app without an active Facebook account. 

Facebook Messenger also increased advertising options for businesses within the platform including opt-in consumer discount codes. Interested in marketing your business in Facebook Messenger? Contact ThrivePOP today!

Away Mode Option Now Available

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A poll from The Business Insider found that found that between 46% and 51% of US adults were using social media more since the outbreak began. Increased social media use during COVID-19 has also correlated to increased anxiety and depression amongst it’s users.

To combat this, Instagram will be introducing an away feature in an exploration to combat bullying. The “Away Mode” will allow users to opt out of Instagram without deleting the app during sensitive times in life such as a breakup, switching schools, or dealing with a difficult personal situation. This also ties in with the removal of likes, pointing to number of likes determining social popularity and feelings of personal validation that also may contribute to cyber bullying.

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