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A company logo is aimed to grab attention, create a brand identity, and make a strong first impression. As time goes on, a logo refresher may be needed to keep your branding modern and up to date. But be warned: a misstep in logo redesign can set the wrong tone for your product or service and leave your audience absolutely infuriated. Here, ThrivePOP will discuss some of the things you NEED to consider when designing a new logo as well as some lessons learned from brands that completely misfired.

#1. Target Audience

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When considering any marketing tactic, your target audience should always be top of mind. Professional logos should convey a specific message that is intended to help a certain subset of needs. During the logo redesign process, reconsider your target market and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has this audience changed since the first custom logo was created?
  • Have the needs of this audience shifted?
  • Does the current environment still support this audience?

The design should speak to the company’s core values, mission statement, as well as your product or service. The last thing you want to do is redesign a logo that your customers feel you are ‘out of touch’ and inconsistent with previous messaging.

#2. Website Design

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If you are considering re-creating or rebranding your logo it would be wise to also evaluate how it fits in with your website strategy. Websites are often designed around a logo or branded image color palette unless otherwise starting from scratch. When looking at new logo design, consider if its elements fit in well with your company’s current website.

Some companies have displayed their new logo and branding as a popup on their website after the branding transition has been made. This is a great way to announce and celebrate the newly introduced logo! If the change is extreme enough, a press release might also be beneficial to getting the word out.

#3. Social Media

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As of 2019, there were an estimated 2.95 billion people using social media worldwide. Often social designs consist of a company logo or favicon. A favicon, which is essentially a shortened version of your logo or icon, is used as a quick brand indicator. When redesigning your logo, consider how it can easily transition into an easy to identify favicon that can be embedded easily into social media images.

Social media can also be a great way to gauge what your audience may like to see out of a logo redesign. Posting polls or encouraging comments is a great way to engage your audience while also giving your team some fresh ideas!

#4. Branding

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Nothing irks a marketer more than inconsistent branding! Branding identifies a seller’s goods and services through distinct designs, symbols, messages, or colors. In marketing, branding makes a memorable first impression on potential customers and signals what to expect from a company.

A logo is an extremely important part of the brand guidelines and any associated text, colors, or design elements are carried throughout web and marketing content. When considering a redesign of your logo, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will this new logo be consistent with my current company branding (ie. same colors, similar elements, etc.)?
  • If my new logo is inconsistent with current branding, how will this new branding be carried throughout future web and marketing materials? 

Your company could be potentially seeking a total brand overhaul with a new logo. In the event that new branding guidelines aren’t followed, your company may look messy and confusing to potential customers or clients. Keep this in mind when redesigning your logo, otherwise, you could see sales plummet.

#5. Print and Marketing Materials

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Ever had piles of business cards lying around that can’t be used because they are off-brand? Yeah, I think we’ve all been there, unfortunately. When introducing a new logo and branding to your company consider how it will directly impact current print and marketing materials. Business cards, brochures, billboards, and more will need to either be reprinted or distributed quickly. Though it isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker, it may be wise to hold off on getting new print materials before a new logo is established. Not only may it be costly to your pocketbooks, but it also might cost you, customers.

When your target audience notices inconsistencies in branding, even when subtle, it can create an assumption that the product or service may be inconsistent as well. Keep in mind your current print inventory and logo design timeline before getting started. On a positive note, you are easily able to transition print materials to a completely new design without having to consider how it will correlate with any digital content.

If you are considering redesigning your company’s logo, consider how it will impact your marketing message. A new logo can be a great refresher and can even influence buyers to purchase your product or service. Avoid these mistakes and you could potentially generate new leads with a more modernized marketing strategy.

Need a new logo or a rebranding of a current design? Contact ThrivePOP today for a free quote on your design project!

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