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Temperatures are soaring across the country, and the holidays are likely the last thing on many marketers minds. But you know what’s gets temperatures rising even more? A great marketing campaign. The last few months of the year are jam-packed with consumer-related holidays including Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Christmas. Companies on average bring in over 20% of their annual revenue during the last 2 months of the year, so there is no question that holiday marketing is critical to the bottom line.

While this isn’t a new concept, starting a holiday marketing mid-summer is an extremely effective strategy in creating an excellent campaign come fall. Here we’ll discuss just some of the reasons why your company needs to start holiday marketing NOW. Hello, Christmas in July!

Time To Brainstorm

Marketing Brainstorming

When writing a film, the screenwriter will often draft up a first copy of the screenplay. While there are some great ideas in the first draft, most often times these character choices are the most obvious. It takes a second, third, and even fourth draft to come up with a perfect film. Just as it is with film making, marketing ideas are rarely thought of during the first brainstorming session, and having an efficient amount of time to fine-tune ideas is essential to creating a well thought out strategy.

Think about it. Your first idea for a holiday marketing campaign may be good (tinsel, fun Christmas music and all) but it also is likely the same idea your competitors initially had! Can you imagine your company releasing the same Christmas ad campaign as you? Talk about awkward! Taking this additional time to come up with specific goals and creative ideas for your holiday marketing campaigns is just one of the facets of a positive return on investment.

Properly Plan

Let a Marketing Agency Help With Your Planning

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” -Eleanor Roosevelt 

Consumers begin shopping for the holidays earlier and earlier every year, with some Black Friday sales even taking off in early October. Starting your marketing planning early allows you to better assess promotional dates and even implement campaigns faster and more effectively. Creating a marketing project plan your company can help keep these creative ideas on track. Consider implementing a Gantt chart of dates, deadlines, and approvals for different facets for social media, emails, blogging, and more to visualize the work involved.

Not only does this early planning benefit your campaign, but it also relieves additional stress for your team so you can better focus on ensuring inventory is able to meet demand. While we don’t hope for any issues to arise, having your holiday marketing properly planned allows for adjusting along the way.

When considering your holiday marketing campaign, put the following action items on your list (and check it twice!)

  • Schedule Periodic Meetings
  • Assign Implementation Tasks
  • Establish Goals
  • Determine Budget and Ad Spend

Build an Audience

Building Your Marketing Audiance

Beginning your holiday marketing during the summer has many benefits, with one of the biggest factors being the increased audience size. Being able to properly market to your target audience through several avenues including your website, social media, email marketing and more is essential to a successful campaign. With over 1.69 billion Facebook users in 2020, it’s no secret the social media superstar is perfect for building a target audience and generating new leads. Consider this an integral part of your companies holiday marketing campaign, with built-in eCommerce features like Facebook Shops and Instagram Product Tags.

The holidays can be a fun and festive time of year for your target audience. Starting early allows your followers to grow and become loyal through engaging content that evokes an “emotional response” within the buyer. Reevaluate your buyer personas and consider how transforming your holiday marketing campaign influences their buying cycle.

While the holidays can be a great time to emotionally connect with your target audience, it also presents is a great opportunity to grow your business. Getting a kickstart on your marketing allows for more time to properly plan, brainstorm, and build upon your current audience. So this year, make it a priority to effectively plan and implement your 4th quarter marketing ahead of time before it’s too late. Because, as we all know, time flies while we’re busy making marketing plans. Even though it’s July, ThrivePOP wishes you a Merry Christmas and lots of new sales!

Interested in jumpstarting your marketing campaign? Contact ThrivePOP today for a free quote on your design project!

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