Action Industrial Supply<strong><em>Case Study</em></strong>


Creating a Pay Per Click and Drip Marketing Campaign with low costs.

The <strong><em>Problem</em></strong>

BandsawBladesDirect was having trouble making sales on their website and needed marketing and web support.

Steps Taken to Solve the Problem:

  • Drip Marketing through Email, Social Media, and Coupons.
  • Create an eCommerce website with easy to use technology
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns that targeted specific products
  • Monthly Maintenance to constantly update, review, and edit the campaigns as well as help with support issues.

We saw a tremendous increase in sales after implementing our Pay Per Click Campaign. The Drip Marketing takes a little longer, but has been very effective.

Gross Revenue

Jan 1, 2005 – Feb 28, 2016


% of Total: 100.00% ($4,269,069.60)

How Many Visitors?

Jan 1, 2005 – Feb 28, 2016


% of Total: 100.00%