Brink Truck Lines Case Study


How we fixed an impossible “hacked” website.

The Problem

Brink Truck Lines website was hacked beyond repair, by not updating their security or their CMS.

Steps Taken to Solve the Problem:

  • Diagnosis on website to see how many hours it would take to fix without a new website.

  • When we realized it was beyond repair, we worked with the client on next steps and suggested moving the website to WordPress as it was more secure than Joomla.

  • We also suggested a maintenance plan where we would be able to update their website for them monthly, so they wouldn’t have this issue again.

Instead of spending hours trying to find the hack which would have cost more than a rebuild, we worked with the client on upgrading to WordPress for an up-to-date and secured platform. ThrivePOP was able to create a new mobile responsive website that is on a secure theme with regular updates.