Shoreline Vision Case Study


Keeping a fresh company perspective by using email blasts to distribute helpful blog articles and company news & events.

The Problem

Shoreline Vision’s blog articles and website traffic were becoming stagnant and their online marketing plan was non-existent.

Steps Taken to Solve the Problem:

  • Created an online marketing calendar
  • Wrote blog articles about eye safety and health tips
  • Created email campaigns based on safety tips and sent monthly email blasts to growing customer base
  • Cross posted blog articles to social media outlets

Analyzing the website traffic after an email blast has been sent proves the effectiveness of email marketing. There’s no denying each spike in traffic below came from an email specifically marketed to Shoreline Vision’s patients.

The information gained from this campaign can help us determine the best times to send emails, to which groups of patients each email should be sent, and ultimately which topics to follow when sending the emails.

Email Blast Traffic Spikes