Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Let’s get this out of the way right away. According to Google, Social Media is NOT a direct SEO ranking factor, however, years of research has shown that the two can work together in harmony to create a marketing strategy that brings in leads. In 2020, Instagram released new SEO tools within it’s app that allow you to add alt tags, descriptions and more. You see, there is a couple reasons that your SEO and Social Media planning should co exist in the same breath, and it all has to do with content strategy.

Social Media Feeds SEO

Social Media Marketing

When a link is posted on social media it can drive direct traffic to your website. The trick is to create social posts that are not only engaging, but that build trust and authority. After the audience trusts you to provide them with material that will be resourceful you’ll see your clicks skyrocket in turn increasing your SEO.

Creating Authority Is The Most Important 

Churning out a million social media posts will do you no good unless the posts speak to your brand and authority on the subject matter. Quality over quantity, every time. This authority will train your audience to keep an eye out for your content, in turn resulting in a brand loyalty that will increase your search engine rankings. 

Link, Link, Link!

No matter the post, always remember to link back to a page on your website. Having content within the past that relates to the landing page is important, but not imperative. Also ensuring your social profiles are up to date with the latest links will ensure your traffic is going to the right places. Social media schedulers often have dedicated landing pages that allow for linking within Instagram posts. This saves you from constantly having to switch out links within your Instagram bio. Pro Tip: Keep your bio updated with the latest and most relevant links and encourage people to always check the profile for more information. 

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